1998–2002 #LT30for30

Mark facilitating Transforming Leaders (left); Mark speaking at THRiVE 2022 after receiving Hall of Fame Award (right)

In 1998, the program curriculum was mostly about the region — what made it unique, the challenges it faced, and some of its less-obvious assets. There wasn’t much on actual leadership development though. When Winkie La Force, LT’s first full-time Executive Director, decided to start a new program — initially named the Personal Leadership Development Program and later Transforming Leaders — I was asked to contribute to the program’s design. Subsequently, I was invited to serve as a coach and instructor. That was 20 years ago and the beginning of a more fulfilling career trajectory for me.

There’s a saying that if you want to learn something, teach it. Well, being an instructor and facilitator for Leadership Triangle has been a productive developmental journey for me. I have learned so much from others. I have been so fortunate to have worked directly with three special and uniquely qualified individuals who have served as LT’s executive directors — Winkie, Jes Averhart and now Kristine Sloan. I have been so fortunate to have served on the design and faculty team with outstanding colleagues, like Joe LeBoeuf, Tom Stevens, George Smart, Peter Anlyan, Doris Barksdale, Kathleen Crabbs, and now Chimi Boyd-Keyes…to name just a few. I have been so fortunate to have had the pleasure of interacting and learning from our numerous program participants. Leadership Triangle has brought together richly diverse groups of gifted individuals who care about the region, who give of their time and talents, and who are truly making a difference. I learn from every single class. For me, Leadership Triangle has been a gift that keeps on giving. — Mark Molitor, 1998 Goodmon Fellow

Winkie LaForce

Leadership Triangle started as just the Regional class, but then we realized we could add much more leadership development to LT. We had the Triangle part covered with our program in different parts of the region. Now we wanted to make and discover Triangle-wide leaders.” — Winkie La Force, 2000 Goodmon Fellow

Gabriela Zabala

“In the beginning I was the type of a leader who thought that I had to do everything myself. I did not delegate. The other thing that I learned was self-awareness — in leadership and in life. If you don’t know yourself you are incapable of having compassion for yourself or others. And that is the reason that we have so many problems in the world right now.” — Gabriela Zabala, 2001 Goodmon Fellow



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