Moses Ochola: The Power of Local Food

Black Farmer’s Market Team
Farmer holding sweet potatoes

“We intentionally used the term food apartheid on our website instead of food deserts. Apartheid is a system of institutional racial segregation and discrimination, and these areas are food apartheids because their limited access to healthy food is due to racially discriminatory policies. The Black Famers’ Market helps remedy this by intentionally placing our markets in food apartheid and inspiring affected communities to create their own self-sustaining systems.”

Youth at the Black Farmer’s Market sitting on hay

“We create a space that’s welcoming to everybody, but that is intentionally for Black people. Our markets are curated to make Black people feel comfortable coming out and engaging with our farmers, building a connection and relationship that isn’t just about commerce but also about education and community. We’ve had to be very creative in engaging with our customers due to COVID precautions; however, as restrictions start to subside, we’re really excited about creating programming that takes education to the next step.”



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Leadership Triangle

Leadership Triangle


Leadership Triangle builds leadership capacity and promotes regionalism across the separate communities of the Triangle (Chatham, Durham, Orange, Wake County).